Taleo Learn – UI

Skanska launched an internal LMS platform for the entire organization within the US. The interface needed to match our existing intranet. So there are common navigational elements that are standard on both platforms. The projects was completed in collaboration with our partners at Oracle and Taleo.

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Commercial Development Projects – UI + Flash Development

Developed to promote our newest business unit, Commercial Development, this micro-site uses a combination of Flash and XML to deliver media rich content about projects that Skanska is developing.

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Leak Prevention App

Leak prevention is a universal construction challenge that Skanska is constantly working to improve. Skanska has developed a proprietary tool to decrease warranty callbacks associated with leakage in new construction. The Leak Prevention app is a checklist tool used to create a visual record of quality inspections for the exterior envelope of buildings. The app allows the user the ability to take notes, photos and get sign-offs by client and sub-contractors.


OneSkanska Intranet – Prototypes

The early approach for the intranet was to develop tabbed pages that would allow users the ability to view content on various levels, the local level, the national level and the global level. The early designs proved difficult to incorporate the massive amounts content into this design.